The Ocelot Coat

I loved my aunt. She had beautiful things that I admired, among them, this fur coat.  I was told it was made from the skins of an Ocelot, a dwarf leopard. (It was a different time). My cousin gave me the remains of this coat after my aunt died, as sort of a remembrance or a keepsake. I have kept it for years, trying to think of what to make with it, how could I ever throw it away? (a curse) I always felt like if I used it for a hat (see or some other utilitarian piece I would somehow be promoting the killing of this animal. Besides the fur was way too old an brittle to work with. How do we treat these things that exist because of a mistaken ideal from the  past? I googled Ocelot and they are one of the most exquisite looking animals I have every seen. I was struck recently by how beautiful the fur still is, even though the skins are dry and easily torn. It is soft and the color is warm and earthy. One day I will make a piece of art with it, probably a collage, because I want people to see it and maybe react by thinking what a shame it is that this gorgeous animal was turned into a coat. 

Ocelot, Felis pardalis, captive, female on mesquite tree, Welder Wildlife Refuge, Sinton, Texas, USA

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