Green Art Collective is dedicated to promoting artists who create value from American detritus.

Art and jewelry, clothing and vessels were first fashioned from the materials in our immediate environment evolving as our  world enlarged through contact with other peoples and ever newer technologies.  We started with iridescent bird feathers for our hair, seashells worn around our necks, clay made into pottery and of course animal fur on our bodies and beds. Over time some of these materials became very scarce and in some cases extinct because of their value to us.

It has been necessary and desirable to replace feathers, shells and fur with other materials. We have not only replaced these materials which were once scarce and in demand, we have created lots and lots of stuff that is used for a period of time and then replaced. Today in America we live amid an endless supply of things that have been discarded, are no longer valued or understood.

We at the Green Art Collective are compelled to make art using this vast array of materials through stories and design.