The “Bone Throne” Story

“Interesting work, how did you think of that?”  This piece started with the cover graphic which I find beautiful.  The caption below the mushroom reads, “The play of light on the velvety coats of this species attracts the artist who delights in texture rendering.”  I had previously played with dried mushrooms I had scavenged from the gravel parking pad at my parent’s cabin in northern Wisconsin.  However upon identifying the mushrooms I learned they were deadly and thought it best not have them anywhere near humans.  All these mushrooms are found in northern habitats.  So I pulled an appropriate geography and found the wood housing interior with antlers and the bone chair made by an excellent craftsperson in my Antlers file.  Originally, I hung the little, empty picture frame inside and envisioned someone taking this home and adding their own image to the frame.  I revisited that last idea and put another antlered animal in the frame.  Now, with a head in the frame I needed some legs for the chair.  I started with a pair of green cloth legs with black shoes (a leftover from a Colonial Williamsburg souvenir).  Janice’s critique was to try bones.  Good call.

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